Central Victoria


The opportunities in Central Victoria are expansive. With the right RD&A model of ground up/ producer driven research, benefits will be based on what is needed rather than what is interesting to researchers. There are good networks in the beef and sheep sectors throughout Victoria, which if utilised could help maximise the benefit of the SAMRC ground up research approach and enable significant action to take place.

Linking production on farm, including the feed base and animal genetics, to the end product is an opportunity the whole industry could benefit from and could help develop farming in a systems approach. Objective measurement of production and economic analysis or benchmarking, including product feedback, are not widely adopted, however present significant opportunity.

The Central Victorian SAMRC Representatives are committed to developing priorities by identifying the outcomes sought and listing the actions required to ensure RD&A in the red meat sector not only continues, but also becomes increasingly relevant to producers and the overall Australian economy.


  1. Supply Chain
  2. Production Efficiency
  3. Adoption
  4. Year round feed supply and utilisation